It happened again

I’ve been writing about feeling bad a couple of times. Mainly because it helps me to better cope with it. Feeling bad can be the result of so many different things. For me it’s mostly social situations or basically anything involving other people that can make me feel bad or very uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s really bad. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t talk. I’ve reached such a point again. »

This is Steps

The first Steps In October of 2016 I met an amazing human being who had the simple - but not so often seen - idea to help people. Before flying down to Italy to attend my favorite iOS developer conference - #pragma conference - I was going through the list of speakers and stumbled upon Rikke. I started reading her blogposts where I came across her idea “Steps”. »Steps helps people overcome social anxieties with fun and progressive challenges. »

My fear of publishing

I started this blog because I have issues with posting things online that can be seen by others. I don’t exactly know what it is that makes it so hard for me to hit “Tweet” on Twitter, “Send“ in the mail app or “Share” in Instagram but there are different things that fly through my head when I reach this point. I start thinking about how others might react to it and that maybe it’s just not worth sharing at all and I’m just going to get laughed at or something. »