HTW is the abbreviation of “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft”, the German term for “University of Applied Sciences”

In October 2017, I moved from my hometown Zwingenberg (which is near Frankfurt Main) to Dresden to take up my studies in Computer Science.

Even before the semester had begun, my friends Ben and Kilian (both incredible human beings and software engineers!) and I were talking about the need of a new App for our university.

The reviews of the old version showed a rather unsatisfying picture on both the user as well as the developer side…

Old rating Old rating

The old version was mainly written in Objective-C.
We decided to write version 2 from scratch and in Swift.

We started by overthinking the appearance of the Schedule. This is crucial as this is the feature that is most frequently being used by our users/fellow students and also by ourselves.
After trying to develop one design that sort of combines the traits of a detailed day-by-day list and a more of a overview-giving week view in one, we decided to go with two views and give the user the option to pick the one they favour.

This is how the Schedule looked like in it’s first and second iteration: Iterations

About one month after picking up development, we started handing out the first beta to users who had previously submitted feedback via Mail or on the App Store. We wanted to hear what existing and long-time users of the first version think of the new one to see whether we were going in the right direction or needed to pivot and take a different path.

We received some very helpful feedback from our testers and based on that made improvements to the Onboarding process and Schedule UI & UX.

On December 19th 2017 we finally released version 2 to the public.
And here is how it looks like: Overview

Perhaps the most important feature of them all is the menu for the canteen 🍽 Canteen

Only 24 hours after releasing the update, 60% of our daily active users were already on version 2!!

And that’s where we are right now. The new App is currently at a solid 4.8 stars average on the German App Store. Users are telling us they’re really happy with how the new version came along and also letting us know what they think is missing or not done so well yet.

New rating

We’ve had a lot of fun developing version 2 and we’ll continue improving the App. You can even be part of it as the entire project is open-source on GitHub! Together we can get those last .2 stars as well 😉

Available on the App Store.
Open Source! Find us on GitHub.