AKG Bensheim iOS App

An App I developed to help the students at my school getting through their schooldays more easily. The core feature of it is the substitution plan with whose implementation I spent the biggest part of the development time reducing it to the most important information students need and also making it easily readable. Besides that students can also view upcoming appointments, what food will be served in the cafeteria and schedule homework tasks.

What you’re viewing here is the first major project I have ever worked on now in it’s fourth major release. With this project I got to know Objective-C and the whole iOS SDK and ecosystem and ultimately brought me to what I love doing today.

Check it out on the App Store
You can also check out the source code on GitHub

The substitution plan shows cancelled lessons etc. Every user can select his or her class and courses to see only relevant information. Screenshot1

The detail-view shows additional information such as remarks. It can be dismissed just by flicking it away with your finger. If you try it out you’ll notice that it behaves physically accurate. Screenshot2

The menu. The center of navigation to quickly get you where you want to be. It follows a basic “Navigation-Drawer” concept with the menu lying underneath the selected view. It can be opened by swiping over the view that lies on top of it. Screenshot3