Your struggle is hard. I know.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt just terrible, you were lost in bad thoughts and you were trying to compensate and making it all up by desperately trying to convince yourself that you are not struggling as bad as you think and telling the higher instance of yourself that bazillions of people on planet earth would be in a worse position than you? Well you possibly have experienced something like that in person and I would like you to stop thinking with this pattern. Because this way you're only playing down your feelings and not taking yourself seriously. I personally think that it is absolutely right and even necessary to take your struggle seriously as subjectively it's as hard as it can possibly get for you right now. And you deserve to be taken seriously by yourself and others as it is totally human to struggle and I probably couldn't write it down any better than Ash Furrow did in his blog post Normalizing Struggle. So I want you to know that whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever you do, if you're struggling with something and feeling bad, don't play it down. Everybody struggles and that includes you! If you think it's hard, it definitely is. But it's gonna be okay!