Overcoming a crisis

It's something we all experience from time to time though we tend not to admit it. When I was a child my parents were somehow demonizing and making fun of it giving me the perspective everything would be perfect. And so reality gives you an even harder kick in your stomach when you yourself plunge into a deep crisis and realize that everything is not perfectly working out as you had always been told and expected it. I am not talking about some crisis you experience as a child like when someone pops one of the balloons your parents just bought you though at that time it might have seemed like the worst experience in a life-time but that is totally okay. I am talking about that kind of crisis that makes you feel like everything you once believed to be the most important part in your life is falling apart or gone already, nothing feels like it’s worth living anymore, you decay into indifference and apathy and you only want to lock yourself into your room and be alone. It is hard. That is no question. If you see yourself ever having felt like that before you also know that everything anybody is telling you under these circumstances feels useless. You feel like it just cannot help you and you would be caught in your desperate situation. That's how I feel right now. In the exact moment of writing down these words. Well not that much anymore. I definitely felt exactly like it till a couple of days ago. But what happened that changed my feelings to the better? As the title already anticipates it, you will always overcome any kind of crisis. It just takes time. I always told myself knowing that other people suffer similarly wouldn't help me and I still think that's true. Being told that other people have similar struggles when feeling terrible doesn't change your feelings. At least not mine. But while only knowing that other people suffer similarly doesn't help in this case, talking with these people and discussing your feelings indeed does! Not only knowing that but also how someone suffers and deals with it is an important difference which helps you getting your mind clear. It's the feeling of being understood by someone who is going through or already went through something you're going through right now that cheers you up because you sympathize with the other person and this can encourage you to see that you're not trapped in any kind of desperate situation but you're indeed free to do something about it! If you believe there is no one you could talk to or you even believe you would just bore someone when expressing your feelings, I can tell you that you are wrong! There is always somebody who is interested in how you feel. It is just totally human. Be it someone close to you or even more distant. You just have to show the courage to accept and talk about your feelings and stop gobbling them up like some disgusting junk food. In my experience the process isn’t linear at all. I suffer setbacks from time to time as well especially in these first days but in the end it will all turn out good! Trust me. That's only one small part of dealing with and overcoming a crisis but a highly important if not the most important step of drawing yourself out of your crisis and getting yourself back on track and start enjoy being a human being again!